Moving on up!

Looking back, this week has been a struggle. Lots of reasons but mostly that I’ve been letting myself feel too unsettled about things I can’t control. I’ve finally decided that today’s a new day and I’m in charge of how I feel. Everyone has bad weeks but here’s a few of my pick me up treats:

Dermologica products

Love a skin product. Available at dermalogica.

Love a skin product. Available at dermalogica.

I love Dermologica, it’s a…

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Date someone who is interested
in you. I don’t mean someone
who thinks you’re cute or funny.

I mean someone who wants to
know every insignificant detail
about you. Someone who wants
to read every word you write.
Someone who wants to hear
every note of your favourite
songs, and watch every scene of
your favourite movie. Someone
wants to find every scar upon
your body, and learn where each
one came from. Someone who
wants to know your favourite
brand toothpaste, and which
quotes resonate deep inside
your bones when you hear them.
There is a difference between
“attraction and interest “. Find
the person who wants to learn
every aspect of who you are.,
and hold onto them.

David Benson (via goldensatisfaction)